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Enviroweigh™ is an approved dynamic weighing system to accuracy Class Y(b). It provides individual bin weights whilst displaying a running total of collected weights, helping crews to prevent overloads.

ENVIROWEIGH™ can be installed to most types of RCV lifting hoists. The VWS solution weighs the precise weight of wastes collected from wheeled bin containers to accuracies of 0.5 kilograms for two wheeled bins and 2 Kilograms for trade containers. Without having to stop the lifter, each lifting chair is installed with a weighing loadcell and weighs two different bins independently and simultaneously.


By using ENVIROWEIGH™ it is possible to monitor customers operating within a banding charge system, to ensure that they are invoiced correctly for the amount of waste they produce. Enviroweigh works with telemetry systems, enabling remote monitoring and back office fault diagnosis, this helps to reduce vehicle downtime, whilst providing a better service. Vehicle data can be analysed before it returns to the depot, by providing a real-time solution to issues such as: uncollected bin queries and fraudulent collections, or re-routing vehicles for urgent collections.


Collection data is relayed back to the base in real-time, via GPRS mobile networks to the cloud-based server. The data is stored for further annalysis and reporting through proprietary waste management software systems such as: VWS Live, or another 3rd party software solution. This allows back office software operators to monitor and plan the vehicles load carrying capacity and reduces risk of potential vehicle overloading prosecutions. It also monitors any period of inactivity and subsequently, signposts any inefficient half loads. Controlling and preventing the collection of unwanted and unknown bins is essential for an effective collection operation. Cases for rejecting unwanted bins include: the bin has no tag or an unknown tag or the collection has been frozen through non-payment. Emptied or not, all transactions are recorded on an exception report.

The ENVIROWEIGH™ modular connection system uses IP68 fully waterproofed connectors and low profile controller enclosures. It’s compatible with all lifter electronics and existing onboard vehicle management devices. ENVIROWEIGH™ comprises; M350S weighing controller, weighing loadcells, a weighing module, an input/output control module, an RFID control module, RFID tag readers and a choice of optional or bespoke peripherals. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags or micro chips are fitted to the bin. The bin tag is read by a tag reader installed to the lifting comb. Enviroweigh identifies and reads a unique number, thus validating the bin prior to lifting and emptying.

To find out more about our VWS Smart Tags (RFID) Click Here

  • 12 months parts and labour warranty and 36 months parts warranty

  • Weighing Certification for charge by weight

  • Supports RFID & tag technologies

  • Supports on stop functions

  • Integrated VWS Live GPS for lift data tracking

  • Fixed cost service plans

  • Identify profitable and loss making clients

  • Flexible interface integrated with any lifter make or model

  • Independent for vehicle chassis and lifter

  • Remote cloud based diagnostics

  • Communications via GPRS wif WiFi options suitable for all types of vehicles, containers & lifts

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