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  • What is ENVIROWEIGH?
    ENVIROWEIGH is an approved dynamic bin weighing system to accuracy Class Y(b). It provides individual bin weights whilst displaying a running total of collecting weighings, helping crews to prevent overloads.
  • What is the accuracy of ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system?
    It installs to most RCV lifting hoist and weighs the precise weight of waste collected from wheeled bin containers to accuracies of 0.5% or better during the normal loading cycle there's no need to stop the lifter.
  • How often does ENVIROWEIGH need to be calibrated?
    We recommend a calibration check should be done every 12 months after installation.
  • Where would my vehicle need to be for ENVIROWEIGH to be installed?
    It will need to be installed at our factory in Chesterfield.
  • How long is the warranty for ENVIROWEIGH?
    12 months
  • What is LOADWEIGH?
    LOADWEIGH (M350S) is designed for high accuracy in rugged condition and is the first choice for waste collectors. The VWS weigher helps to manage overloads by measuring the weight of the vehicle and it's payload minumising damage to running gear, tyres and braking systems.
  • What is the accuracy of LOADWEIGH?
    LOADWEIGH has a high accuracy +/- 0.5% fsd or better.
  • What is the warranty on a LOADWEIGH System?
    The warrantyy is 2 years and covers parts and labour.
  • Can LOADWEIGH be Retro fitted?
    You can Retro fit LOADWEIGH via your bodybuilder alternatively we can Retro fit this for you at our installation centre in Chesterfield.
  • Can I charge by weight with LOADWEIGH?
    LOADWEIGH is not Trade approved so you cannot charge by weight.
  • Will LOADWEIGH work on a Trailer?
    LOADWEIGH can be used on both Trailers and Rigids.
  • Can I have a printer with LOADWEIGH?
    Yes, you can have a printer with LOADWEIGH.
  • How long is the warranty?
    Standard warranty is 12 months with the option of extending this to 5 years
  • Can LOADWEIGH have a display on my chassis?
    Yes, we can fit it in a trailer mount box.
  • Will fitting LOADWEIGH invalidate my vehicle warranty?
    No, this will not affect you vehicle warranty.
  • What is VOPS™2?
    The VOPS™2 vehicle overload protection system is an extremely reliable enclosed measurements system that does nor rely on springs or transducers.
  • Where will VOPS™2 need to be installed?
    We can arrange a VWS engineer to come on-site to install VOPS™2.
  • What is the warranty for VOPS™2?
    1 year warranty and we can offer one fixed cost for an extended warranty.
  • Can VOPS™2 be fitted to any van?
    Yes, it can.
  • How heavy is the VOPS™2 system?
    In total, the VOPS™2 system weighs 5.3kg.
  • Can VOPS™2 work off part steel and part air suspension or full air systems.
    Yes, VOPS™2 can.
  • Can VOPS™2 link to my tracker?
    Yes, you can get a live feed back to your office.
  • What is PurGo?
    PurGo is a waste management software solution. PurGo is a modular and scallable solution, able to grow your business and adapt to your changing needs.
  • Does PurGo integrate with other systems?
    PurGo integrates effortlessly with most business systems, meaning that those packages that are already implemented in your business will become one with your waste collection activities. A key integration, unique to PurGo, is it's seamless integration with Vehicle Weighing Solutions' weighing systems. Loved by back-office users and waste collection operatives alike, the software and interface are highly automated, exception driven and most importantly - intuitive and user friendly!
  • What is the weight capacity of the Apollo system?
    Each weigh pad is 15,000 kg, so 30 tonne maximum axle weight.
  • What is the range of the wireless communications?
    20 metres line of sight
  • Can the weigh pads be used on any surface?
    A flat, hard, level surface must be used for accurate weighing.
  • What are the levellers for?
    The levellers must be used to keep the axle groups at the same level for accurate weighing
  • What is the battery life?
    Weigh pads are 80 hours, display console is 8 hours. The display console can be powered from a car cigarette charger.
  • Is the system dynamic weighing only?
    The Apollo portable can be used for static and dynamic weighing.
  • Does the system give total vehicle weight?
    Yes, the system gives total vehicle weight and individual axles weights. Also left and right weights.
  • Is the system automatic?
    Yes, the system detects axles and a vehicle delay time can be set for weight multiple vehicles.
  • Can fleet information be stored?
    Yes, there is an internal vehicle classification data base.
  • Is there a communications option?
    Ethernet as standard.
  • Can data be downloaded or retrieved.
    Yes, through a USB port.
  • What is the accuracy of the system?
    · Static weighing accuracy o ± 0.5% or ± 10 kg (whichever is greater) of applied load · 0 to 5 km/h dynamic weighing accuracy o ± 3% or ± 20 kg (whichever is greater) gross vehicle weight with 95% confidence o Above 5 km/h is not recommended
  • Is the system wireless?
    The system is available in both wired and wireless versions
  • What is the pin code for the 350 Display?
    – 0350.
  • What does the spanner on the display mean?
    It means that your vehicle is due an annual calibration.
  • How do I log a service desk ticket?
    You can go to the CONTACT tab and click on 'already an existing customer' and this will take you to our servicedesk.
  • Will CROPWEIGH work on any trailer?
    So far, we have not found a trailer CROPWEIGH will not work on.
  • Will having the CROPWEIGH system fitted slow down the trailer or my operations?
    No, it will not slow the operation down, infact it will speed up your operations up, as you will no longer have to visit the farm or local weighbridge, this system gives you accurate weights from the field.
  • Does the tipper have to the lifted for the weighing to work on CROPWEIGH?
    No, it can be fitted to work as the trailer is down, producing live weight data.
  • Can CROPWEIGH be fitted to older trailers?
    Yes, we can retro fit older trailers.
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