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Smart axle bridge & real-time weight data solution

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What is APOLLO Live?
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As a vehicle rolls over the axle bridge solution, the ANPR and weight data is simultaneously captured. The VWS Live portal stores and records data including: individual axle weights, gross axle weights and it will also alert users to overloaded vehicles, by exception.


This system enables sites to enhance their security by recording vehicle movements and denying vehicles access that aren’t expected. By recording vehicle movements in and out of the gate, businesses are also able to better account for on site personnel, thus enhancing duty of care and safety measures. Along with the use of ANPR, this system can be used my employees to clock in and out, accurately.


Using Automatic Number Print Recognition (ANPR), our system is not only able to reliably identify vehicles as they approach the barrier and control access via our VWS Live cloud based portal, but also record the live weight data for each vehicle. This system enables users to create a white and black list; only granting access to approved vehicles.


As the vehicle drives over the axle bridge, the systems records the gross and individual axle weight data and alerts to vehicle overloading.


The Apollo Live portal is accessed via an internet connection and it has a customisable dashboard, to show the data you need at a touch of a button. When logging in to the portal, you will be-able to access a transaction search history and real-time axle bridge data. Each entry records the date and time, vehicle registration, group (if allocated) , direction, total weight and axle weights. The most useful feature shows an alert for when I vehicle is overloaded, either on a specific axle or overall. This allows companies accessing the live data to make changes to overloaded vehicles, to make sure they are working in conjunction with safety and compliance legislation.


A secure portal is available to give visibility of relevant recorded data. From this portal, users can view the data in a real time environment, run retrospective reports on screen or export data in a usable format. The cloud- based portal can allow access to multi-site operations but can also be configured to restrict access to users by permission level or area of responsibility. In addition to these options, an API has been developed, enabling VWS Live data to be made accessible to third party applications, on request.

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APOLLO Live for axle bridge applications

  • Recorded gross vehicle weight 

  • Recorded individual axle weight 

  • ANPR identification 

  • Overload alerts

  • Real-time data

  • Business integrations

  • Remote access

  • Retrospective reporting

  • Customer billing

  • APIs

  • Security barrier control

  • Employee clocking in/out system

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