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Our latest product development enables Wi-Fi connectivity across our product range. The app-based solution can be used on both tippers, making it compatible with VWS LOADWEIGH For Tippers. It provides live transactional data that can now be viewed either on a mobile or tablet through the VWS LIVE app. 


The VWS LIVE app allows all authorised personnel to access the same data from any chosen location. The VWS Wi-Fi INDICATOR integrates with the VWS LIVE portal to give operators immediate remote access to transactional data such as weights, alerts and vehicle locations. The Wi-Fi INDICATOR actively monitors real-time diagnostics, which are then relayed back to the VWS Service Department, providing information for analysis and future product development. 


The Wi-Fi INDICATOR no longer needs to be installed inside the vehicle, simplifying the installation process. The vehicle weight is visible from outside the cab and operations can run more smoothly as shovel loaders, drivers and operators have access to the same information. The system also has additional messaging features to help improve communications. 


The Wi-Fi INDICATOR is a first of its kind amongst the vehicle weighing and waste industry and has been created by a team with an extensive industry presence and knowledge. 

Click here to find out more about LOADWEIGH For Tippers.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity across the VWS product range
  • App-based solution
  • All authorised personnel can access the same data from any chosen location
  • Integrates with the VWS LIVE portal
  • Monitors real-time diagnostics
  • Wi-Fi INDICATOR is not fitted inside the vehicle
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