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Aliweld Showcase VWS New Safety & Weighing System for Tippers
June 2016

Vehicle weighing experts, Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS) has launched a new British-made combined vehicle safety & weighing system for tipper and tanker operators, which is being showcased by tipper body manufacturer Aliweld Ltd on their 25th Anniversary vehicle.

The VWS LOADWEIGH system comprises four load cells built into the hydraulic tipper gear, an inclinometer to alert drivers if the vehicle is unstable including an integral PTO switch off, and an intelligent junction box that has a separate signal from each cell to provide live load data informing the driver how the load is dispersed. An integral five camera recording system is also available or the system can be integrated with existing camera systems.

Aliweld is currently attending shows around the country with their special anniversary vehicle and the weighing system is receiving a great deal of interest.

Trevor Marshall, Director, Aliweld said: “A lot of operators have already told us they want the system fitted to their vehicles. It’s great because it has everything that you need to comply with the latest Quarry safety regulations as well as providing very accurate load and weight data.”

Julian Glasspole, Managing Director, VWS said: “We have been working with the big three major aggregate companies in the UK to create a weighing system specifically suited to the needs of tipper and tanker operators. The system is the only one of its kind to provide this quantity of information about weight and load distribution, and not only improves vehicle stability but also reduces the amount of stress on vehicles.”

Like all VWS products the load cells, weight indicators and intelligent CAN junction boxes are manufactured here in the UK by VWS from British Steel, under full ISO 90001 Quality Assurance procedures.

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