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VWS Lanches Game Changing VWS PurGo Software at RWM 2015
July 2015

British company Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS), well known for its super accurate ENVIROWEIGH bin-weigher, vehicle onboard weighing systems and weighbridges, is launching its new VWS PurGo software designed exclusively for waste and recycling operators at this year’s RWM exhibition. 

VWS joined forces with a software design company and created VWS Software Solutions with the aim of bringing a simplified software solution to the market place. VWS PurGo is based around streamlining processes from Sales through to Operations such as route scheduling, Admin, Billing and Reporting.  It works in harmony with many bin-weighing systems and enables waste and recycling companies to monitor precisely what they are collecting and from whom, and charge accordingly.

Graeme Knight, Managing Director of waste solution company Blakeley’s has made his whole operation paperless by using VWS PurGo alongside the VWS bin-weighing system. The weights are recorded automatically by each bin-weigher, so there is no need for any manual data collection.  As a result the company’s earnings have improved by over £1m per year.

Graeme said: “The business was losing money because we couldn’t pinpoint where the really heavy loads were coming from. VWS PurGo is very user friendly and enables us to schedule and track all of our collections accurately.  When combined with the ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system, we can now weigh every bin accurately, identify where the heavy loads are and charge accordingly.  The difference to our balance sheet has been huge.”

Julian Glasspole, Managing Director, VWS said: “VWS PurGo is a simplified, intuitive and easy to use solution.  Although we work with all the major established software providers, we recognise that waste collectors often need a bespoke solution that takes care of their specific needs from beginning to end.  This is where VWS Software Solutions fits in.”

Kent-based Equinox Recycling has recently switched its systems over to VWS PurGo. Andy Gibbons, Managing Director, said:

“VWS PurGo has made such a positive difference to our business. It’s so easy to use that we haven’t even needed any training, just the telephone support service now and again. For the first time ever we are doing our invoicing in-house instead of employing another company to do it.  We can monitor each customer’s load much more effectively, and therefore charge accordingly, and keep better track of Direct Debits, which is helping us to sustain a more profitable business.”

VWS PurGo uses technology such as in-cab PDAs to schedule work and capture data. As well as integrating well with back office systems and accounting packages, it can link on-board systems such as bin- weighing, CCTV systems, telematics/CANbus and has a web-portal and smartphone app for billing and reporting. Customers pay a monthly subscription for the use of the software, which includes the support service, should they need it.

Fleet and transport operators visiting the show can also see the APOLLO range of in-motion and static axle weighbridges from VWS. Unrivalled levels of accuracy, easy to install and cost effective, the APOLLO axle weighing systems help customers to ensure vehicle weights don’t exceed legal requirements by way of a linked database facility that stores vehicle registrations against vehicle types. The portable in-motion APOLLO ‘weighbridge’ is accurate to within 2% and can weigh up to 16 axles, and up to 30,000 kg per axle, at any one time.  It can fit into the back of a car and is perfect for operators who can’t install a fixed weighbridge or who have multiple sites.

VWS belongs to a family of complimentary British companies known collectively as specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of load cells, weighing and traffic monitoring systems.

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