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Identify Heavy Loads & Prevent Overloading with Vehicle Weighing Solutions RWM Stand 5Z140-ZZ141
July 2016

British market leader in onboard weighing, bin weighing and overload protection, Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS), is all set for another successful RWM show with its market leading, weights and measures approved, ENVIROWEIGH bin-weighing system, its popular software solution PURGO, which was launched at the show last year and the VOPS2 Van Overload Protection System.

Julian Glasspole, Managing Director VWS and the CIWM Industry Leader said: “The ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system and PURGO waste management software is proving to be a very popular combination with waste operators. ENVIROWEIGH is arguably the most accurate bin-weigher in the market place and our easy to use, intuitive software is specifically designed for waste management companies to help them streamline their processes and run their businesses more efficiently.”

Research recently published by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) revealed that almost 9 out of 10 vans weighed last year were overloaded making them unsafe and potentially illegal for UK roads. VWS will be demonstrating its latest Van Overload Protection System – VOPS2 – at RWM. More accurate than its predecessor it is easier to fit and has an in-cab indicator display that gives drivers clear front and rear net, gross and axle weights.

Julian Glasspole, said: “Overloading a van is very easy to do. VOPS2 is leading in its field and provides continual, reliable data giving peace of mind to van operators and drivers, by preventing overloading from occurring.”

The ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system is a weights and measures approved system, which means it can be used for Pay By Weight services, and offers a high degree of accuracy within 0.5% or better.

Biffa has equipped over 400 vehicles in its commercial fleet with ENVIROWEIGH to monitor its customers’ waste and recycling collections and provide precise data. Ian Nash, Project Manager, Biffa said: “We use the system to weigh waste and mixed recycling as well as specific streams such as food, glass and paper, and feed the information back to our customers for their environmental reporting.

“As a result we have accurate, real information to analyse. There’s no guess work. We can identify the heavy loads and manage them properly, and we can work with our customers to maximise their recycling levels and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. ENVIROWEIGH is a reliable, accurate system and VWS provides an efficient after service that serves our needs across the UK very well.”

VWS joined forces with a software design company and created VWS Software Solutions to bring PURGO to the market place. Based around streamlining processes from Sales through to Operations including route scheduling, Admin, Billing and Reporting, PURGO uses in-cab PDAs to schedule work and capture data. It integrates well with back office systems and works in harmony with on-board systems such as bin weighing, CCTV, telematics and CANbus. Customers pay a monthly subscription for the use of the software, which includes a support service if they need it, and they can monitor precisely what they are collecting and from whom, and charge accordingly.

Leeds-based commercial waste management operator Forge Recycling can now charge customers for the excess weight collected thanks to installing ENVIROWEIGH to its fleet and switching its systems to PURGO. Harvey Mills, Director and Co-founder of Forge Recycling said: “It’s still early days but early indications suggest we were missing significant amounts in revenue, possibly into the thousands per week, on unidentified heavy bins. We have also been able to identify the customers that we have been servicing at a loss. This new software, combined with highly accurate bin-weighing systems, means our business can run more profitably and we can make sure that customers with lighter loads are being charged fairly and not subsidising those customers with very heavy bins. We can also target customers with heavy bins and offer options to keep their costs down, such as a separate food and glass waste collection.”

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