Tipping your weigh to the future of weighing - interview with Trevor Evans

Recently at Vehicle Weighing Solutions, we have designed and manufactured a smart, innovative weighing system that provides wireless connectivity across our product range. VWS Wi-Fi Weighing strengthens business performance, maximises profit and simplifies operational processes all from the palm of your hand. The new, app-based solution provides live transactional weight data to either a mobile phone or tablet, making this our most accessible product yet.

We interviewed Trevor Evans, Operations Director here at Vehicle Weighing Solutions, to provide deeper insight on the wireless weighing system.

How does the installation process differ to other weighing systems?

The WiFi weighing system has been developed with the user experience and installation engineer experience in mind. The Wi-Fi Indicator doesn’t need to be installed inside the vehicle, as traditional weighing equipment typically does, so this massively simplifies the installation process.

"The WiFi weighing system has been developed with the user experience and installation engineer experience in mind."

As data can now be accessed via a mobile or tablet, what do you believe are the benefits of this process?

Because live weighing and load data is now accessible wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet via the VWS Live® app, this means that operators and business owners can view real-time operational data from any location. The data is also now visible from outside the cab which allows operations to run far more smoothly than before, because shovel loaders, drivers and even operators all have access to the same information.

How can the VWS Wi-Fi Weighing system enhance productivity of tipper fleets?

Although there are many reasons that going wireless enhances fleet productivity and helps to generate more profit, there are 3 key benefits that we believe are imperative to any tipper fleet. The first (and this is something that both us and customers who already have the system installed are incredibly excited about) is optimum yield loading transactions. A vehicle running at optimum yield means that it is utilising its complete carrying capacity, without being overloaded or underloaded, resulting in all rounds being profitable. Secondly, the system provides real-time transactions of loading and unloading activity, but it also highlights live vehicle movements via VWS Live®, which allows operators full visibility of what is going on and where. Last but not least, by designing this system as an app-based solution, it is an extremely cost-efficient and time saving solution. We believe that this has truly modernised the weighing industry.

"A vehicle running at optimum yield means that it is utilising its complete carrying capacity, without being overloaded or underloaded, resulting in all rounds being profitable."

Are there any other interesting features of the system?

Absolutely, for starters, if a potential customer is interested in the system but has non-VWS on-board weighing equipment installed on their vehicles, they can still use our wireless weighing system as we designed the Wi-Fi Indicator to be compatible with all weighing systems regardless of their supplier. The Wi-Fi Indicator is also continuously monitoring the system and sends remote diagnostics back to the VWS Live® portal to maintain the systems’ overall health. Another great feature is that geofenced areas can be created, which allow our users to identify customer areas or locations that they want to view load activity for – this will also display vehicles entering or leaving site and if they leave a designated route.

You’ve mentioned the VWS Live® portal a few of times, can you provide an overview of this product please?

VWS Live® is a secure, online portal that we developed to provide live transactional weight data to our customers, with the aim of making the visibility of data more accessible for them. Unlike more traditional or manual methods of data capture, VWS Live® is a modern and efficient system that no longer relies on methods such as printing tickets or downloading data to a memory card and then physically retrieving it – so it’s both cost efficient and environmentally friendly as it’s a completely paperless system. Both axle weighbridge and ANPR can be seamlessly integrated with VWS Live®.

What is your favourite feature about the new product?

Our new technology has revolutionised the way that businesses manage the compliance and profitability of their vehicles and operations. The data is more accessible to both the driver and the business, encouraging proactive management of compliance and identifying potential profitability gains. In addition to this, the system has been developed to provide businesses the ability to integrate the weighing data into their existing business systems.


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