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Pay By Weight A Success for Norse Waste Solutions

May 2017

Since installing bin-weighing equipment to its fleet of trade waste refuse vehicles operating across Norfolk, Norse Waste Solutions has streamlined its operations and saved money by identifying ‘heavy throw’ customers.

Shaun Ferris, General Manager, Norse Waste Solutions said: “Having accurate weight information has enabled us to identify customers that were regularly presenting overweight containers and approach them to review what they throw and help them recycle more. We are now equipped with the information to charge a tonnage rate for what we pick up.”

The bin weighing equipment has been supplied by Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS), a UK market leader in on-board weighing, bin weighing and axle load protection systems. The ENVIROWEIGH bin-weigher from VWS is known for its accuracy and is ideal for recycling schemes and pin-pointing excessive users. The system is weights & measures approved so can be used for Pay By Weight services.

Continued Shaun: “Offering a pay by weight service has allowed us to build a unique selling point for our services. We present regular statistics to our customers so they can monitor their waste management and change behaviour where required. Previously we were subsidising customers who were paying for an average weight of 70kg per container but actually disposing of 400 kgs of waste!”

The company also has a service contract with VWS, which covers them for all breakdowns including parts and labour, as well as annual calibration of the equipment.

Added Shaun: ”VWS engineers are excellent and respond quickly if we have any problems.”

To complement its Pay By Weight service Norse Waste Solutions is using PurGo Lite, a simplified version of the popular PurGo system. Designed for companies that don’t wish to change their entire processing systems PurGo Lite, once installed to a vehicle, will transmit the weight data from every lift (including the time, date, location, weight and RFID number if required) automatically to a web portal. Customers can log in and review the information, and if requested receive an email each day. A seamless process, no interaction is required from drivers and a geo-fencing feature means that lifts in specified locations are automatically allocated to the relevant customer.


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