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New wi-fi weighing enhances fleet efficiency with real time visibility of the movement of vehicles

J. A. JACKSON installs the new wi-fi weighing system from Vehicle Weighing Solutions on their existing VWS equipment, enabling wireless connectivity via any mobile handset.

With a well-established background of working in both the quarry and recycling industry, J.A.JACKSON are a family-owned business who have successfully been supplying the industries for more than 50 years. J.A.JACKSON specialise in providing a range of products including building materials, aggregates and ready mix concrete. Alongside this, they supply weighbridge, tipping and aggregate supplies to both small and large businesses, as well as to members of the public too.

The company has an extensive history of working with Civil Engineers, Construction, Housing and Development Companies, Councils, Waste Disposal Companies, Local Businesses and Farmers.

In 2015, J.A.JACKSON first installed LOADWEIGH For Tippers on their fleet of sand tippers, utilising the remote handheld terminal to receive data. Recently, their requirements have evolved, with the business now requiring real time weight data to be remotely accessible

in their transport office. With the recent launch of the VWS wi-fi Indicator, which provides wi-fi weighing, Vehicle Weighing Solutions has been able to offer a solution to meet the needs of the Preston-based business.

The VWS wi-fi Indicator integrates with the VWS LIVE portal to give operators immediate remote access to transactional data such as weights, alerts and vehicle(s) location. VWS has also developed its own app - VWS LIVE - to enable all authorised personnel to access the same data using a phone or tablet. The wi-fi Indicator actively monitors real-time diagnostic which are then relayed back to the VWS Service Department, providing information for analysis and future product development.

The wi-fi Indicator can be used on tippers and vehicle overload protection systems to provide wi-fi weighing and is compatible with VWS VOPS™2 and LOADWEIGH For Tippers.

Trevor Evans, Operational Director, VWS said: “We are incredibly proud of the wi-fi Indicator and what the team have achieved over the last few months. The wi-fi Indicator does not need to be installed inside the vehicle, simplifying the installation. Live weighing and load data can be accessed wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet via the VWS LIVE app. This means that operators and business owners can view real-time operational data from any location.

 “The vehicle weight is visible from outside the cab and operations can run more smoothly because shovel loaders, drivers and operators have access to the same information. 

J.A.JACKSON are one of the first companies to have the VWS WiFi enabled LOADWEIGH system fitted to part of their fleet. After being highly impressed with how the product performed, with an increased range ability and several more features, J.A.JACKSON have requested for more of their fleet to be fitted with the wi-fi weighing system.

The future is Wi-Fi weighing.


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