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A Fresh Start with Accurate Weighing from VWS
September 2015

Manchester-based Fresh Start Waste provides waste collection, management and recycling services to businesses across the North West and uses weighing equipment from VWS to monitor customer loads and ensure accurate charging.

Joe Rogers, Operations Director, Fresh Start said: “We have worked with VWS since we started the business over 9 years ago, primarily using their underbody weighing systems. Their equipment is excellent, plus they are very reliable and work with a great deal of flexibility around our operations to minimise disruption when equipment needs to be serviced or repaired.”

“Around a year ago we began installing their EnviroWeigh bin-weighing system and the impact on our business has been significant. It is very accurate and integrates well with the software that we use in our trucks.”

Fresh Waste runs a fleet of over 25 vehicles; including multi-functional pod vehicles, allowing several waste streams to be separately collected by a single vehicle, Front End Loaders (FEL), Roll on Roll Off vehicles, skip wagons and a curtain sider.  The EnviroWeigh system is fitted both to the main compaction body and the pod, used to separate either glass or food. Fresh Start also operates FEL’s with VWS underbody weighing.

Colin Harvey, Head of Sales, Fresh Start adds: “If a customer overfills their bin we start to lose money so it’s important to get the charging right.  The weighing technology means we can track a month’s worth of data and show it to the customer.  It doesn’t automatically mean that it will cost them more money.  Sometimes just a small change is needed.  For example they may be disposing of glass or food and we can recycle those waste streams.”

Julian Glasspole, Managing Director, VWS Ltd: “Fresh Start are a long-standing customer and we value their feedback about our systems and service.  It’s very satisfying when we hear about the positive impact that our weighing systems have on a client’s operations and their bottom line. We design and manufacture our systems using only the highest spec components so they are ultra reliable and accurate, and we make sure our technology works well with different back-office systems.”

Fresh Start is committed to recycling as much waste as possible on behalf of its clients and runs its own Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) where it recovers paper, card, glass, cans, plastics, wood and food.  For general waste Fresh Start works with third-party landfill, waste to energy and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) operators.

To avoid Fresh Waste operators from having to return to the cab to check weights for multiple bin collections VWS also designed and installed a special viewing display outside of the truck to allow weights to be viewed during collection.

VWS belongs to a family of complimentary British companies known collectively as specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of load cells, weighing and traffic monitoring systems.

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