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VWS has the Measure of Yorwaste's Food Collection Service
October 2012
The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) selected Yorwaste along with six other companies across the UK to receive funding to run a commercial food waste collection service. From October Yorwaste will collect food waste from around 500 businesses throughout Yorkshire and Teeside.

By installing bin-weighing equipment to its food waste vehicle – a DAF LF Fa Lf 45 with Farid Minipac –  Yorwaste is able to measure exactly how much food waste is being collected from each bin, how much is being diverted from landfill and then report the results back to WRAP. Projections suggest this will be in the region of 2,400 tonnes over the next two years, and the plan is to increase the number of collection vehicles as the service expands.

Yorwaste handles over one million tonnes of waste every year and runs a fleet of 65 vehicles comprising RCV’s, hooklifts, skiplifts, box vans and confidential waste collection vehicles.  Offering a ‘closed loop’ service, Yorwaste has the resources to collect waste, then sort and recycle it at its own Materials Recycling Facilities.  The company, which is helping clients such as York University achieve Zero to Landfill, also operates three household waste recycling centres.

VWS specialises in on-board weighing, bin-weighing and axle load protection, and its ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system is the first 100% British manufactured weights and measures certified bin-weigher, accurate to within 0.5% or better.

David Clarke, Depot General Manager, Yorwaste said: “We purchased a new vehicle specifically to collect the food waste for our new service and although we have used weighing equipment on our other vehicles, VWS came highly recommended and ENVIROWEIGH offers a higher degree of accuracy so we were keen to use them.”

Dave continued: “If all continues to go well we plan to specify VWS weighing systems on our next batch of new vehicles.”

Julian Glasspole, Managing Director, VWS said: “Yorwaste are an impressive company and they’ve done well to be awarded this funding.  We are very pleased to be part of such a leading initiative to improve commercial recycling rates and divert waste away from landfill.”

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