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VWS Supports Local MP's Job Fair Launch
March 2013
On Friday 8 March Rob Wilson MP joined organising partners to launch his next Reading Job Fair at the Penta Hotel.

Rob was joined by Sue Brackley from Reading UK CIC, Julie Rossington from National Apprenticeship Service and Alec Jeeves from the Penta Hotel, where the event will be held. Also in attendance was James Freeman, Chief Executive of Reading Transport, who provided the bus for the launch.

At the launch Rob met with a group of apprentices from Reading Transport to discuss the advantages of apprenticeships in the work place and for young people seeking employment. This was to mark the drive for 100 new apprenticeships to come about because of the next Job Fair.

To further mark the drive for 100 new apprenticeships, Rob also brought 100 balloons to the launch, which he later donated to the children of Newbridge Nursery School. The balloons were provided by local entrepreneur Julian Glasspole from Applied Weighing.  It will also be possible to follow the apprenticeship drive via Twitter #1in100.


This will be the 5th Job Fair that Rob has held, which will have now seen as many as 10,000 attendees.

The launch took place on a Reading bus, outside the Penta Hotel.

The Job Fair will be 25 April at the Penta Hotel and will have as many as 50 businesses looking to employ job seekers from around Reading.

Rob said “Having run 4 Job Fairs now I look forward with great anticipation to what promises to be another huge success. Every Job Fair has been met with huge levels of enthusiasm both from local businesses and in the community. Not only will this Job Fair offer an opportunity for employers and job seekers, but it will also provide apprenticeships for young people who have faced the biggest challenges in the jobs market.  I would like to thank the sponsors and Job Fair partners whose time and effort will really make a huge difference to Reading job seekers.”

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