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Flawless Weighing for Biffa in Winchester & Portsmouth
November 2012
The contract involved the installation of 6x load cell systems on each of 44 Dennis Eagle Elite RCV’s.  The weighing technology was fitted at Dennis Eagle’s factory in Warwick, before being wired and calibrated by VWS.

David Maidman, BIFFA Operations Director said: “With such a large district there is a greater risk for vehicles to run overweight, so reliable and accurate weighing equipment is crucial to keep our fleets compliant and safe.”

David continued: “In over 12 months of operation we’ve received no calls about any problems with the weighing equipment, which is testament to the quality and reliability of the VWS product.  As well as manufacturing superb load cell technology VWS have a flexible, solution based approach to our operational needs.”

A team from BIFFA visited the VWS manufacturing facility in Reading to see for themselves how the load cells are built and how they can be designed to work well with Dennis Eagle trucks. VWS also trained vehicle operators in how to use the technology to ensure a seamless transition.

Julian Glasspole said: “This is great news and I’m pleased to say it’s not uncommon with our systems. VWS kit is built to last!  We’ve invested a huge amount of resources and expertise into developing load cells and weighing systems that remain robust and accurate in the most demanding of environments. We also worked very closely with Dennis Eagle to make sure the set-up was perfect.”

The fleet was also fitted with EPIC’s KwikZip changeable graphic system, as recommended by Biffa, to promote Portsmouth City Council’s advertising campaigns.  A year on from initial installation and the Authority is displaying its third change of graphics, after the promotion of packaging recycling with its ‘Every Can Counts’ campaign (sponsored by Alupro) and more recently a dog fowling campaign.

Spencer Dawson of Portsmouth City Council said that he found EPIC Media’s service “Efficient, responsive, thorough and with minimal red tape”.

VWS belongs to a family of complimentary British companies known collectively as AW.  AW specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of load cells, weighing systems and traffic management systems.

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