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Colchester Skip Hire Gets (Weigh) Ready to Charge for Heavy Bins
September 2015

Trade waste management specialists for over 34 years, Colchester Skip Hire (CSH) Environmental Ltd is installing bin-weighing equipment to its fleet of vehicles to identify  the heaviest loads and ensure that customers pay according to what they throw.

Mark Slade, Director, CSH Environmental said: “We have large number of customers but without the weigh load we can’t tell who has the heaviest or lightest loads. It’s only fair that those who throw away more, pay more. We don’t want customers with lighter loads subsidising those companies with the heaviest loads.”

CSH prices are based on a weight of 80kg per wheelie bin, however many customers exceed the limit and CSH are left to stand the high cost of disposing of that additional waste. Since installing super accurate EnviroWeigh bin-weighing equipment from Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS) the company has been able to identify where these heavy loads are coming from. In one case a bin registered in excess of 380kg, and comprised predominantly food waste, a stream that CSH can collect separately and more cost effectively.

VWS has already installed its trade weights and measures approved EnviroWeigh system to three of CSH’s brand new Refuse Collection Vehicles, including a four-way camera system that allows collected weights to be displayed on a CCTV monitor and helps crews to prevent an overload condition.   VWS is currently underway with retro-fitting EnviroWeigh to 5 vehicles from CSH’s existing fleet.

Mark added: “We will continue installing the VWS bin-weighing system to new vehicles as we replace our older trucks.  The data is helping us to streamline our business by charging customers according to how much they are throwing.  Soon our entire fleet will be equipped to collect data for every load. EnviroWeigh is a great product at the right price, and we have an excellent relationship with the team at VWS.  They understand our business.”

CSH runs its own state of the art Materials Recycling Facility where it sorts over 25 different waste streams, including soil, glass, batteries, UPVC windows, wood, soil, and hardcore, as well as many different kinds of plastic. Figures for August revealed that the company had recycled (and diverted from landfill) 99.87% of waste collected.

Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS) is the UK market leader in on-board vehicle weighing, wheeled bin weighing and load protection systems.  VWS belongs to a family of complimentary British companies known collectively as specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of load cells, weighing and traffic monitoring systems.

Julian Glasspole, Managing Director, VWS Ltd said: “CSH Environmental offers a very comprehensive waste management service and we are delighted that our bin-weighing system is helping them to further improve their cost efficiency.”

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