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Bin Weighing Fitted as Standard for Biffa Commercial
May 2016

Biffa has equipped over 400 vehicles in its commercial fleet with bin weighing technology to accurately monitor its customers’ waste and recycling collections and provide precise data.

Biffa has standardised the ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system from Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS) on its waste and recycling fleet, which is spread throughout 63 locations in the UK.

Ian Nash, Project Manager, Biffa said: “We use the system to weigh waste and mixed recycling as well as specific streams such as food, glass and paper, and feed the information back to our customers for their environmental reporting.”

The ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system is a weights and measures approved system, which means it can be used for Pay By Weight services, and offers a high degree of accuracy within 0.5% or better.

Julian Glasspole, Managing Director, VWS, said: “We work closely with vehicle manufacturers to make sure that the installation of our weighing equipment is a seamless part of the manufacturing process. Biffa’s vehicles are delivered straight from manufacturers’ factories to our installation works where we guarantee a five-day turn around. ENVIROWEIGH offers an unrivalled level of accuracy and reliability, and we carry out regular quality checks to monitor its performance and to ensure that the communications are working well.”

As well as installing the bin weighing system, VWS engineers can connect it to Biffa’s in-cab communications, where a PDA can retrieve the weight data and match it to the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) on each bin. Biffa is able to monitor each load for its customers, and use this information to help customers manage their waste and recycling more effectively and where possible make cost reductions.

Continued Ian: “As a result we have accurate, real information to analyse. There’s no guess work. We can identify the heavy loads and manage them properly, and we can work with our customers to maximise their recycling levels and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. ENVIROWEIGH is a reliable, accurate system and VWS provides an efficient after service that serves our needs across the UK very well.”

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