VOPS™2 helps Scottish Council remain safe and compliant

After visiting a VOPS™2 demonstration, a Scottish council were extremely impressed with its performance and decided to place an order of over 100 VOPS™2 systems from Vehicle Weighing Solutions. The weighing systems were fitted on their fleet of vehicles that were under 3.5tonnes and across a range of Renault models. The installation process took place at BCA in Southampton and Arnold Clarke in East Kilbride.

VOPS™2 is a sophisticated weighing system that prevents vehicle overloading by providing accurate weight data of both the front and rear axle. The data is then displayed using percentages on an easy to read indicator that fits neatly in cab. Using a reliable weighing system to ensure that overloading does not happen is crucial to maintaining a legal loaded fleet and avoiding penalties and legal action.

Through installing VOPS™2 on their fleet, not only have the council been able to keep their fleet of vehicles safe and compliant, but it has also enhanced the safety of their drivers. VWS has received positive feedback from the council regarding the performance of VOPS™2 and the many benefits that it brings, including a reduction in loading time and recognition of adhering to health and safety legislation.

Features of VOPS™2:

  • Retrofit available

  • Fits on both steel and air suspensions

  • Accurate and reliable readings

  • Lightweight and easy to read indicator

  • Anti-tamper password operation

  • On-screen diagnostics available

  • Display available in a water-proof mount for external use

  • Overload alarm feature

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