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Islington Council operates legally loaded fleet with VOPS™2

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

After a considerable upgrade to their fleet of vehicles under 3.5tonne, Islington Council fitted over 120 systems of the award-winning Van Overload Protection System, VOPS™2, from Vehicle Weighing Solutions. The London Council chose to renew the vast majority of their fleet using Volkswagen - including VW Transports and VW Caddy Vans. The vehicles were fitted with the VOPS™2 system by VWS engineers at Sortimo in Warrington.

Maintaining a legally loaded fleet is essential to the future of a business as vehicle overloading is not only a serious offence but poses a danger to the driver and other road users. VOPS™2 prevents vehicles from becoming overloaded by providing reliable and accurate axle weight data.

Dangers of overloading:

  • Braking and steering ability can become impaired

  • Unnecessary wear and tear caused to vehicle and the road

  • Significant financial and criminal penalties

  • Damage to company reputation

  • Loss of stability of vehicle

  • Possibility of operator license being removed

Islington Council have been using VOPS™2 to successfully run a compliant fleet of legal and safe vehicles. The installation of the VWS overload protection system allows the council to accurately load their vehicles, which reduces the risk of vehicle downtime, utilises space and maximises profit and shows that they adhere to health and safety practices. VOPS™2 is an extremely reliable enclosed measurement system that prevents a vehicle from becoming overloaded by displaying the weight of both the front and rear axle.

Islington Council also utilised the VOPS™2 system to seamlessly integrate with their existing telematic system allowing their operations to run smoothly.

Julian Glasspole, Managing Director, VWS said “We are extremely proud to be working with such a progressive and safety conscious council”.


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