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The Logistics and Transport Sector

Operational efficiency is of paramount importance for businesses operating in the transport, logistics and warehouse sectors. Margins are constantly being squeezed so any efficiency gains that can be identified and addressed can make a huge impact to the bottom line.

Weighing data can play a significant part in this. From being able to identify not only overloaded vehicles, which can result in high financial penalties, but underloaded vehicles, which could be managed to achieve greater efficiency, the information collected via a weighing system can make a real difference.

Both our onboard weighing systems and axle bridge solutions can be linked seamlessly to either our own software solutions to provide real time data, or existing business systems to ensure the right information is delivered in a meaningful and timely way.

We have also developed smart identification systems which can assist with gate control, vehicle access and security, all of which can be linked to the recorded weight data.

Our solutions will help operators with the everyday challenges they face - profitability, health & safety, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 


Here you can our weighing solutions listed below. If you can't see what you're looking for, feel free to contact us directly. 
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We exhibit at a range of events across the country and internationally. The events represent a wide variety of sectors including waste management and recycling, transport and logistics, agricultural and local authority. To find out more about some of the events we will be exhibiting at, click below or register your interest. 

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