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New Software Identifies Missed Revenue at Forge Recycling
December 2015

Leeds-based commercial waste management operator Forge Recycling is now able to charge customers for the excess weight collected, thanks to a new software package and dynamic bin-weighing system, which is enabling the company to identify heavy bins and potential missed revenue.

As a result the company is switching to a pay by weight service in January 2016, whereby customers will be asked to pay for any excess weight collected.

VWS PurGo has been designed specifically for waste and recycling operators and offers a simplified software solution to streamline processes from Sales through to Operations such as route scheduling, admin, billing and reporting.

Harvey Mills, Director and Co-founder of Forge Recycling said: “We were attracted by the prospect of saving man hours, such as removing the need for drivers worksheets, and identifying heavy bins by retrieving live data.”

VWS PurGo was created by VWS Software Solutions, a joint venture between a software design company and the UK market leader in on-board weighing, bin-weighing and axle load protection systems, Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS).

The software works in harmony with the EnviroWeigh bin-weighing system from VWS, which is weights and measures approved and has been installed to three of Forge’s Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV’s). This is allowing the company to identify the weight of every bin collected and charge for any excess weight.

Harvey added: “It’s still early days but early indications suggest we were missing significant amounts in revenue, possibly into the thousands per week, on unidentified heavy bins. We have also been able to identify the customers that we have been servicing at a loss. This new software, combined with highly accurate bin-weighing systems, means our business can run more profitably and we can make sure that customers with lighter loads are being charged fairly and not subsidising those customers with very heavy bins. We can also target customers with heavy bins and offer options to keep their costs down, such as a separate food and glass waste collection.”

Julian Glasspole, Managing Director, VWS said: “This is exactly the reason why VWS PurGo was created and its great that it is making such a positive difference to Forge Recycling’s activities. Although our weighing systems integrate well with all the established software providers we recognised that waste collectors sometimes want something that is more user friendly and takes their specific needs into account. That’s where VWS PurGo fits in.”

Forge Recycling was established in 2010 by brothers Harvey and Fraser Mills to offer a competitive and flexible waste management service with an emphasis on making recycling easy.

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